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Student Workbooks Years 1–6

Student Workbooks Years 1–6

$15.95 each

Think Mentals workbooks teach students friendly computation strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.* Students apply these strategies to an abundance of differentiated questions.

Each year level is divided into carefully structured units of work that follow a 5-day sequence of learning, practice, revision and assessment.

Free projectable answers are available at

* Workbook 1 includes computation strategies for addition and subtraction.

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Digital Classroom Years 2–6

Digital Classroom Years 2–6

$25 per class (teaching resources)
$17 per student* (student resources)

Think Mentals Digital Classroom follows the same carefully structured sequence as the Workbooks, but with the added benefits of being digital.

Enjoy automatic marking, engaging slideshows and videos, and data collation into class and student portfolios.

Plus, every teacher and student gets access to all year levels of content (Years 2–6)!

With a school licence there is no extra cost for any support staff attached to each class.

* Student access is only available as an add-on to the teaching resources.

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Student Workbooks

Years 1–6

per student

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Digital Classroom

Years 2–6

per class
+ $17
per student

Modelled computation strategies with targeted practice Yes / Supported / Available Yes / Supported / Available
A fun introductory unit to show students how to find, make and fix ‘friendly’ numbers Yes / Supported / Available Yes / Supported / Available
Over 30 weeks of carefully structured and differentiated mental computation questions Yes / Supported / Available Yes / Supported / Available
Student Assessment Profile Yes / Supported / Available
Teacher and student access to all available year levels Yes / Supported / Available
Projectable teaching videos and slideshows Yes / Supported / Available
Online student activities with automatic marking Yes / Supported / Available
Real-time activity tracker Yes / Supported / Available
Whole-class portfolio for summative results Yes / Supported / Available
Individual student portfolios for formative and summative results Yes / Supported / Available
Classroom management tools – activity locking and Eyes Up Front Yes / Supported / Available
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You can use a mix of Workbooks and Digital Classroom within a school; however, we do not recommend to use a mix of formats within the same classroom as some questions vary between the two formats.

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