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Why are Spelling Spots offline?

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Why are Spelling Spots offline?

English Stars 8/8/17


It’s best pedagogical practice.

Like all English Stars activities, Spelling Spots were created with the best pedagogical practice in mind, which is why they’re offline.

Studies show that the act of handwriting (rather than typing) leaves an imprint of each letter in a part of the brain related to visual recognition. This indicates there is a strong link between handwriting and learning new words. So it was a no-brainer that Spelling Spots should involve handwriting.

When it comes to learning to spell, use the projectable slideshows (available within most modules) to teach the spelling concepts, then have students write their answers in the Spelling Spot booklets (available to print from within units).

However, when it comes to assessing spelling, you can enjoy the benefits of going digital as students should have already learnt and practised the content. The Spelling Tests in English Stars are available to deliver online or offline. Online tests have the benefit of automatic marking, but offline tests may simply be your preferred method for assessment. The choice is yours!

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