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Digital Classroom 2–6 (on DC pricing)
Digital Classroom 2–6

$25 per teacher + $16 per student

With Think Mentals Digital Classroom, all licences include content for Years 2–6.

Students complete activities digitally and track their own performance.

Every teacher gets access to the teaching content, along with their students’ progress and results in the digital classroom.

Student Workbooks 1–6 (DC Pricing page)
Student Workbooks 1–6


Think Mentals Student Books are divided into carefully structured weekly units. Each book contains:

  • 18 modelled computation strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • a fun and easy introductory unit to show students how to find, make and fix ‘friendly’ numbers
  • over 30 weeks of carefully structured and differentiated mental computation questions
  • content written for the Australian Curriculum.

Book 1 also contains preparatory units that teach early maths concepts and friendly number facts.