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Maths Trek Online plus Maths Trek Student Book – simple!

Maths Trek resources come with a simple choice of options.

Start with the teaching resources

Maths Trek Online Teaching Resources F–6

$79 per class

Includes complimentary access to the student site.

Maths Trek Online provides teachers with explicit teaching resources to deliver engaging and effective lessons.

For each class purchased, access includes content for all year levels from Foundation to Year 6. With a school licence there is no extra cost for any support staff attached to each class.

Features include:


  • Teaching slides and comprehensive lesson guides for every topic
  • Interactive teaching tools
  • Place value videos
  • Maths songs
  • Differentiation tasks
  • Projectable Student Book pages and answers


  • Teaching slides and comprehensive lesson guides for every strategy
  • Problem-solving strategy videos
  • Projectable solutions for every problem


  • Teaching slides and comprehensive lesson guides for every investigation
  • Digital and printable investigation resources
  • Critical thinking lessons
  • Extra online investigations


  • 4 printable termly assessments for Years 1 to 6
  • 2 printable semester tests and formative progress checklists for Foundation
  • formative assessment checklists for investigations and problem-solving

Maths Trek Online also includes complimentary access to the student site. Students have access to a subset of the teaching resources such as tools, songs, videos and printable templates. Students also have access to the Daily Number Practice – a fun way for students to engage in quick number practice to develop recall and proficiency with number facts.

Features differ across year levels to reflect the learning needs of students.

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Individual Licences for Maths Trek Online Teaching Resources are also available for $79 per class. This allows one teacher and their class access to the resources.

Choose your preferred format for student activities

Sound Waves Spelling Student Books

Student Books F–6


The Maths Trek Student Book is packed with teacher-guided and independent activities, scaffolded problem-solving, engaging investigation pages and revision.

Features include*:

  • Maths is everywhere introductory lesson
  • over 70 topics covering the six curriculum content strands
  • teacher-guided and independent activities for each topic
  • problem-solving strategies and practice problems
  • stepped-out investigations
  • revision pages
  • maths puzzles and games

* Features differ across year levels.

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Printable Student Book Pages F–6

$15 per student*

With the same great activities as the physical Student Book, this option provides ultimate flexibility with printable Student Book pages for every year level.

* This product is only available as an add-on to Maths Trek Online Teaching Resources. This product is only available under a school licence.

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Use extra resources throughout the week

Numbers Up Card Game


Numbers Up focuses on teaching and reinforcing simple addition and number combinations to 10. The game helps develop thinking skills and strategies and enhances mental computation.

Suitable for two or more players aged 5 and above.

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